Malaya Ordynka 19 Club House advertising

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Malaya Ordynka 19 Club House advertising


One of the campaigns should be focused on specific product offers like penthouses and garden view flats. The messaging of this campaign should be further transformed into general image campaign promoting unique selling points of the Club House.


The key brand idea comes forward and each unique selling point is considered only within the brand context. Simple and clear solution allows us to anchor the message in the minds of the target audience and becomes one of the hallmarks of the Club House. Visuals shaped as a curly bracket resemble direct speech, make the message more personal and corresponding to the luxury real estate project.


The gist and visual minimalism underlines the main message and makes the communication very efficient. The luxury segment doesn't tolerate coddling and peddling. A brief, but persuasive promise accompanied by clear communication and showing the product to full advantage impresses more than a message full of secondary or tertiary meanings.

Team: Project Manager — Denis Shlesberg, Art Director — Irina Tsvetkova, Copywriter — Elena Ionova, Project Director — Ksenia Gnevusheva, Layout and Prepress — Stanislav Novikov.