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Advertisement of Roza Rossa Boutique Apartments

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Advertisement of Roza Rossa Boutique Apartments


Roza Rossa is a new project of the artist-built apartments in the territory of Krasnaya Rosa residential quarters in Khamovniki. A new format consolidates all well-known advantages of this deluxe real estate, from Metropol Moscow housekeeping staff up to the unique state-of-the-art design by Piero Lissoni. This isn't only a unique project, but a decisive step towards a new-quality way of life.


Though "boutique hotel" term came into common use as early as in the end of the 80-ies of the last century, at the first stage the audience faced lack of understanding of the boutique apartments format as such. Is it flats? Is it a hotel? Is it deluxe? Is it Metropol? It became necessary to demonstrate that these are apartments, ownership to which definitely gives more that people used to expect. The apartments, where "square meters" is only a part, Khamovniki is just a bonus, Metropol is merely a useful supplement. The message revealed this idea through the paradoxic transformation of the developers' customary "we-have-it" message in the "we-have-it-all" apodictic statement. Roza Rossa really covers all, including, but not limited to formal real estate markers, such as the up-market Moscow district or advertising renders. 


While other projects keep on focusing at real estate location and class, RozaRossa claims its innovative format and a new quality of life. The result is a simultaneously bright presentation of a new facility and an answer to the audience questions with a slight reference to all inclusive. 

The team: project head manager and art director — Dmitry Chernogaev, copywriter — Ekaterina Pianova, project director — Ksenia Gnevusheva, make-up and pre-press – Stanislav Novikov.