Identity style of “Printing Moscow” walking tour

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  • логотип
  • нейминг
  • оформление мероприятия
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Identity style of “Printing Moscow” walking tour


Cityprint is a Moscow-based printing office that specializes in high-quality offset printing and consistently proves the advantages thereof over the digital printing methods. The Company celebrated its 25th anniversary in autumn 2017. Cityprint brand is committed to sharing impressions, and not just the information. On the occasion of its anniversary, it decided to introduce the first educational walking tour in the center of Moscow, giving the clients, partners and friends an opportunity to learn about the history of book-printing and printing arts in Moscow and to see the historical buildings that hosted letter foundries and printing houses. To achieve this goal, we had to develop the identity style of the tour.


It was essential to strike a balance between the entertainment nature and educational value of the event. The name – Printing Moscow – plays into the existing tradition of excursion naming (in Russian – the definition comes after the noun that is defined), while the descriptor words “polygraphic walking tour” – points clearly to the event’s functional gist. The logotype represents a set of different-styled printing characters to highlight the uniqueness of tour objects that nevertheless make up a meaningful whole. Invitations, a set of 32 post cards showing the polygraphic excursion route, a map and souvenirs (badge, umbrella and stamp) were created.


A two-hour walk from the polygraphic ‘origin’, Moscow Print Yard in Nikolskaya street that was the birth place of the first printed book, to Strastnoy Boulevard, where the last Soviet newspapers and magazines were printed, enabled Cityprint to establish a contact with its audience, produce an impression in informal surroundings and spark additional interest to the polygraphic business through the pleasure of human interaction. The Company has once again managed to showcase that in today’s world, it is important not just to give the information, but to share emotions as well.

Team: Project head and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, creative director – Denis Shlesberg, leading desiger – Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, manager – Arina Kurenkova, layout and prepress – Stanislav Novikov, PR manager – Arina Edemskaya (Cityprint), marketing consultant – Igor Tulin (Cityprint).


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