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Carmen Festival Branding

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в этом проекте:
  • интерьер / экстерьер
  • корпоративный стиль
  • логотип
  • оформление мероприятия
  • плакат

Carmen Festival Branding


E.V. Obraztsova’s International Festival of Classical Music is held since 2017 with support from the Chelyabinsk Region Governor. The Festival purpose is to make classical art available and close to people from towns remote from large theatre stages that are typical of this genre. The new festival required new identity that would create a recognizable and convincing image of the cultural project in the context of local concert venues of diverse format and specifics.


The Festival bears the bright name of Carmen after Elena Vasilievna Obraztsova, with her unrivaled role in the great opera of Bizet. Its emblem is a rose designed as symbolically-rendered graphics setting flexible, yet recognizable visual system that allows to develop the style for an entire range of media.☺ Expression embedded in graphics, together with rather strict modular grid and typography, deliver the tension in-between discipline and passion that is the essence of classical music.


We have developed the bright style, full with emotions and yet functional. It contains an exhaustive set of design standards to translate the festival brand identity into all required media and to adapt it to any urban environment. The Festival started March 17, 2017 in Satka town of the Chelyabinsk Region and was much noticed by the audience.

The team:  art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, layout and pre-press – Vladimir Demkin, project director – Ksenia Gnevusheva.


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