Visual identity of on-the-job training programs

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Visual identity of on-the-job training programs


Since 2011, VTB Junior and VTB GROWTH professional development programs have been attracting the most successful young talents in economics and finance. The main project task was to enhance brand appeal of VTB as employer among ambitious graduates of other domains, including students of IT and technical universities, who are especially valuable HR assets for an innovative bank. Besides, there existed a long-felt need in single visual identity for the two programs as a separate product of VTB Group that would seamlessly blend into a “larger" corporate identity.


Format of VTB on-the-job training programs helps see your career opportunities from a new perspective and at the same time becomes a vector of the right career development path. That is why, an angle arrow has been selected as the main element of the visual identity. A laconic identity element is placed in the upper right corner and turns into a folded corner. This solution visually rhymes every advertising vehicle with documents of the student’s “investment portfolio” that includes CV, recommendations and certificates. VTB’s branded shade of blue has been selected as the main colour.  Additionally,  colour differentiation has been introduced for the two program lines – VTB Junior and VTB GROWTH.

Potential trainees at VTB are bright, charismatic, self-confident young people of a variety of professions. To emphasize their diversity and the features they have in common, we have developed a series of plots based on three images. Each of them is built on visualization of three advantages of on-the-job training at VTB: unique experience, powerful tutors and development opportunities for their career path and environment. These pluses are delivered metaphorically, as bright images of totem animals. Quite an aggressive character of the campaign is balanced with straight faces of trainees represented by real participants of VTB professional development programs. Overall campaign slogan,  “Career Catch”, delivers a restrained, though clearly articulated message to apply for the training. 


The communications consolidated the challenge to ambitious leaders of “millennium” generation and confident, exclusive character of VTB brand. Style of on-the-job training programs has acquired bright and distinctive character to attract students and graduates, but remains quite restrained and strict to be clearly associated with VTB brand. Visual identity and advertising materials deliver the key brand promise: powerful career impetus, interesting everyday work and an opportunity to become a part of the serious, large-scale project. No trainees were harmed during shooting the commercial.

The team:  project executive manager and creative director — Dmitry Chernogaev, art director — Marina Pavlova, designer – Petr Moskalyov, copywriter  — Ekaterina Pianova, make-up and pre-press — Vladimir Demkin, project director — Ksenia Gnevusheva.