Radio Advertisement 2016–2017

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Radio Advertisement 2016–2017


DONSTROY is one of the landmark Moscow developers. Its portfolio boasts with high-class and better offers (real estate of business class, premium and deluxe segment) that, to a certain extent, define, how modern Moscow looks like. The scale of virtually every project demands both bright market entry and maintaining consumers’ interest throughout the long sales period (up to several years) across construction stages. In addition to outdoor advertising, airwaves are one of the advertising channels the company uses most actively.


Generally, 30-seconds’ radio commercials promoting purchasing apartments in DONSTROY real estate correlate with the outdoor advertising concept and emphasize the current marketing offer. Name and advantages of the piece of real estate set the theme that is revealed in seconds according to all rules of playwriting. Every commercial turns into a meaningful story that adheres to the chosen genre from the very start. Encouraging smart provocation and high-quality humour is what differentiates DONSTROY from its competitors creating a special, bright and distinctive “radio style” for every of its projects.


In terms of style, radio commercials are in line with the brand character. Flexible development of real estate promotion concepts and sustainable presence on the air considerably support the brand of both every real estate item and DONSTROY in general. This increases number of target calls and enhances overall loyalty to the developer.

The team: project executive manager and creative director — Denis Shlesberg, copywriter – Elena Ivanova, project director – Ksenia Gnevusheva.