Vnesheconombank Group’s Non-Financial Report '15

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Vnesheconombank Group’s Non-Financial Report '15


While designing Vnesheconombank Group’s Non-Financial Report '15, it was necessary to show its key role — that of the development institution that to a greater extent affects quality and growth pace of the national economy. Another important point to highlight was new features of the brand of the Development Bank that came into being through renewal of its management team in the beginning of 2016.


The visual series of the report is based on the sequence of image-building illustrated spreads that present key lines of business and function as fly-titles for every section. The design is future oriented. The idea is revealed through stylized graphics of illustrations, with its arrangement built along the common diagonal that refers to the logo graphical solution. Besides, inforgraphics is actively used throughout the document to maximize brightness and simplify perception of diversity of vast data in line with humane context of the corporate social reporting.


Solutions found while working at the report have evolved into a new development stage of design standards of corporate materials of the Development Bank Artonica has been improving since 2007. The design successfully unites information delivery approaches shaped during several years with freshness and innovations that reflect changes Vnesheconombank Group undergoes through. 

The team: Senior project manager – Dmitry Chernogaev, make-up and pre-press – Vladimr Demkin, project director – Ksenia Gnevusheva.