State-owned enterprise “Civil Construction Directorate”

“My Address” brand development

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“My Address” brand development


State-owned enterprise “Civil Construction Directorate” is engaged in commercial sales of social housing constructed within the scope of urban investment programs. These objects belong to various categories and are located both in central and remote districts of Moscow. As a rule, the apartments are fully finished and ready for living. In order to promote them, it was necessary to create an umbrella brand which would reveal core advantages of the real estate objects – the relatively low price in combination with high level of readiness – and attract potential customers on the highly competitive Moscow real estate market.


The Russian name “My Address” has established a simple and clear naming system for the objects, which helps to easily find them on Moscow city map. The highly functional visual identification system supports the idea behind the name and sets the required communication style: precise, informative and easy-to-remember.


The real estate market has increased its membership with a new player. It features a well recognizable, comprehensive identity that helps to promote the existing objects and launch the new ones. Communications in line with the new design standards have strengthened consumer confidence, caught the interest of the target audience to the envisaged housing standards and increased the number of inquiries.

The team: project head – Denis Shlesberg, art director – Irina Tsvetkova, leading designer – Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, head of customer service department – Vitaly Filin, project manager – Yana Shirina.