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Style of Made in Russia 2016 Forum

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в этом проекте:
  • корпоративный стиль
  • логотип
  • оформление мероприятия

Style of Made in Russia 2016 Forum


The conference to develop export has been held since 2013. Upon establishment of the new institution in 2015 to consolidate financial and non-financial support of export – the Russian Export Centre – it was decide to modernize the style of the conference. In 2016 the conference got the name – Made in Russia. The task included implementation of the proper symbol and actualization of the visual system according to the agenda.


The visual concept is based on development of the principles underlaying the brand identity of the Russian Export Centre. The red and blue pattern refers to its basic constants and guarantees recognisability in all products according to the features of the required communication channels. The style of the conference reflects some officially relevant to the state discourse, on the one side, and openness and energy required for efficient dialogue between the business, government and international institutional audience, on the other side.


The conference was held on 8 November 2016 and brought together the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian federation, the Government of the Russian Federation and UNECE. The audience included representatives of business, professional associations and mass media. The developed style ensured efficient solution to all image and functional tasks faced by the hosts of the forum.


Team: Dmitry Chernogaev – project manager, Irina Tsvetkova – art director, Vladimir Demkin – make-up and pre-press, Ksenia Gnevusheva – project director.