Advertising of Stolichny Residential Park — Autumn 2016

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Advertising of Stolichny Residential Park — Autumn 2016


Stolichny residential district is one of comfort class projects of Glavstroy Development located in Zheleznodorozhny town. The campaign of autumn 2016 was required to strengthen the emotional positioning of the project with the focus on its unique advantages in order to shift the client perception from price competition to value competition. 


The creative concept is based on the idea of general harmony primarily expressed in the new brand descriptor Harmonious Residential Park. A series of messages, which are based on comparison of correlative words similar in writing and phonetics but different in meaning, develop this idea. These are not however mere meanings but features, functions or characteristics of the project which combination is a rare thing and a favourable distinction of Stolichny Residential Park from the direct competitors. As for the imagery, the messages are accompanied with illustrations which also have a correlative structure that makes them bright and easy to remember.


The created notable and emotional communication motivates the audience to consider the proposal in the light of values. The decision to purchase apartments in Stolichny Residential Park removes the necessity to choose between various advantages, because this project provides everything required for comfortable happy life. All that one can wish for. The campaign is implemented through outdoor and Internet advertising.

Team: Dmitry Chernogaev – art director, Denis Shlesberg – creative director, Anna Filatova, Elena Ionova – copywriter, Ksenia Gnevusheva – project director, Vladimir Demkin – layout and pre-press.