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Vladivostok. Walking to the Past

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Vladivostok. Walking to the Past


The series of publications under Vladivostok. Walking to the Past umbrella name (Aleksandr Filkin Publisher) is issued under the auspices of the Amur Region Research Society (ARRS) of the Russian Geographical Society and Alliance Francaise — Vladivostok (volume 2). The books have been written by Nelli Grigorievna Miz, the city’s famous historian, in the genre of regional history essays and cover the period of the end of the 19th century — beginning of the 20th century. Readers are offered unique historical details revealing life of Vladivostok and Ussuriland, key events, places and outstanding people — from Jean Francois de Laparouse up to N. N. Muraviev-Amurskiy, the Governor-General of the Eastern Siberia, and Nikolay Aleksandrovich, the Crown Prince of the Russian Empire, that influenced development of the region.


We have developed the publication layout that reflects specific features of the book: abundance of illustrations, comments and notes, complicated structure text with plentiful quotations. To enhance the effect produced by the book details, we have offered to render the publication style closer to the travel guide — we have turned chapters in routes charted on city maps we drew on this special occasion. The project was implemented by Cityprint Printing House that ensured the highest printing quality due to Hi-Im-Press™ state-of-the-art printing technology. 


The book became an outstanding event in Vladivostok’s cultural life – the room hosting project presentation couldn't house all the guests. With the significant circulation for the city, all book copies were sold out the first day even before the presentation. Right after this, the second batch was printed, and work at the second volume was started. The solutions underlying the project at editorship and design levels will obviously ensure further project success. 

The team: project executive manager and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, project manager – Elizaveta Goncharova, make-up and pre-press — Vladimir Demkin.