Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK)

Annual report — 2015

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Annual report — 2015


Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) is the largest producer of steel pipes in Russia; over the years it has been the world leader in terms of tubular goods shipment. The Company’s core interest lies in oil and gas industry. In 2014 TMK finalized the large-scale production upgrade that lasted for ten years; in order to do so, it had invested about USD 3.8 bln. In the upcoming year of 2016, the Company celebrates its 15th anniversary.   

The annual report had to show the reasonably optimistic attitude of the leader company which continues to operate successfully amid the uncertain economic environment and confidently builds up the production volume of high-tech innovative products.


Online version of the annual report in smart PDF format enables customers to quickly navigate the large volume of information and get instant access to the required section. The half-titles are made in the form of pictographic figures which display pipe as a symbolic centre with various aspects of TMK’s operations around it. Colorful, bright and emotional illustrations and the overall style of the document, complemented with image-based titles, stand for the Company’s friendliness and openness, add “human-like” nature to the official matter-of-fact paper and facilitate the perception of important statistics.


Electronic version of the annual report has become first and foremost a practical and convenient tool to study the Company’s performance figures for the reporting period. Colorful illustrations not only make it easier to perceive information, but also effectively combine it with communication and image targets: the Company shows its friendliness, openness, optimistic approach to development and ability to think positively.

Team: project leader and art director — Irina Tsvetkova, designer — Irina Sakharova, copywriter — Elena Ionova, layout and prepress — Vladimir Demkin, customer relations director — Vitaly Filin, project manager— Jana Shirina.