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Savelovsky City presentation brochure

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Savelovsky City presentation brochure


Architectural concept of Savelovsky City stems from New-York aesthetics of the first half of the twentieth century. It embodies freedom and easiness, energy and passion which closely echo the jazz tunes played by the music geniuses of that age – Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Be Be King, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Lui Armstrong. For this very reason, their names show on each tower in business and residential areas. The presentation brochure had to display all functional advantages of Savelovsky City complex, naturally integrated with its image concept.


The visual concept is based on the distinctive elements of Art Deco style which is deemed to be “native” for the object underlying the legend: maximum intense open colors; contrasting chromatic surfaces; faceted crystal forms; daring use of step-like form and wide curves. Verbal components are represented properly due to the names of jazz masterpieces used as image-based titles; each of them is the so-called epigraph to stories about certain consumer characteristics of the environment which was created here.


The presentation brochure has become a full-fledged link of Savelovsky City communication chain which intensifies its image and develops the impressions of potential customers on the way from the first meeting to purchase decision.


Team: project leader and art director – Marina Pavlova, designer – Peter Moskalev, copywriter – Tatyana Fedina, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Elizaveta Goncharova.