Balchug Residence and Balchug Viewpoint, advertising campaign 2016

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Balchug Residence and Balchug Viewpoint, advertising campaign 2016


Balchug Residence and Balchug Viewpoint are the premium-class residential objects which were designed by a German architect Hadi Teherani. They are located in the center of the capital city, on the bank of the Moskva River. Construction process is close to completion, while the customers’ interest approaches the peak level. In order to meet the consumer demand effectively, it was necessary to develop communications with a focus on emotional advantages of the premium brand.    


The ideas of “centrality” and closeness to the Moskva River underlie the advertising solution. The key slogan is based on a language game which adds a romantic twist to it. A slight pun changes the meaning of a well-known phrase “to offer hand and heart” and all the while preserves its attractiveness. Having read “we offer river and heart”, a potential customer experiences an emotional response.   

The second-level headings reflect the specific positioning of each housing complex. Balchug Viewpoint, which is more of a chamber style, is usually chosen for love and focuses on family audience. Balchug Residence is chosen for convenience, which speaks for its good investment potential.


We managed to create advertising solutions to work on two level — emotional and rational. Elegant tone emphasizes the status of the objects, while the romantic connotations fill communications with warmth and charm.

Team:​ Project leader — Dmitry Chernogaev, art director — Marina Pavlova, copywriter — Tatyana Fedina, layout and pre-press — Vladimir Demkin, chief client officer — Vitaly Filin, project manager — Yana Shirina.