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PerovSky branding


MR Group, one of the leading developers of residential and commercial real estate in Moscow, has scheduled the launch of its new residential comfort-class complex on Entuziastov highway for 2016. It was necessary to develop the brand platform showing key advantages of the project and to translate it into brand identification system which would facilitate successful market introduction and promotion. 


A cross-cutting idea of PerovSky image is the “lightness of living in a modern residential quarter which has been erected in a favorite district known to us since childhood”. PerovSky means flowing clouds, museful trees and silence which is so unusual for a megalopolis. The project name elegantly speaks “sky” with “v” softly covered by a water-color feather. This graphic element awakes the feeling of airiness and moving skywards. Quite natural that corporate colors comprise the transparent water-color shades – blue, light green, sapphire. The flight theme develops in an illustrative style combining photos and water-color graphics. Brand communications bring the audience to a tender world of child dreams. The harmony of nature and city comfort is a core idea of the comprehensive promotion strategy. 


We have managed to develop a distinctive visual style to make the project stand out from its competitors. Vibrant PerovSky image appeals directly to consumers’ feelings, thus anticipating the purchase decision. Warm relationship which penetrate brand communications gain special value in difficult times.   

Team: project art director – Marina Pavlova, copywriters – Elena Ionova and Tatyana Fedina, designers – Anna Mikhailova, Vladimir Alekseev, Petr Moskalev, prepress – Vladimir Demkin, manager – Elizaveta Goncharova.