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Style of Export Development Conference

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в этом проекте:
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  • логотип
  • оформление мероприятия

Style of Export Development Conference


Within the brand development project for the Russian Export Center, it was necessary to develop style of the annual conference devoted to promotion of non-oil&gas export. The conference has been held since 2013 and previously had taken place under the auspices of EXAR. When, in summer 2015, a new institution that consolidated financial and non-financial export support — the Russian Export Center — was established, it was decided to upgrade the conference style. A new style was supposed to be based on the brand platform of the Russian Export Center and combine attributes of its corporate identity with special style components imposed by the genre of industry forum.



The visual concept was based on development of principles underlying the brand identity of the Russian Export Center. Here, red and blue arrows used as building bricks of its visual style form new structures in line with specific features of the required communication channels. The conference style stands for, on the one hand, some kind of officially, which is appropriate for state discourse, and on the other hand, for transparency and energy that are required to ensure productive dialogue between business and government.



The first event, whose design was performed in accordance with the developed design standards, was the Third Annual Conference (Russian Non-Oil&Gas Export — Vector of Economy Development) held October 21, 2015. The conference gathered representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Finance of Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Export Center. The audience included representatives of business, professional communities and mass media. As shown by reaction of the event participants and the way it was covered in the media scene, the developed style efficiently solves all image-building tasks that were set.

The team: Senior project manager and art director — Dmitry Chernogaev, creative director — Denis Shlesberg, makeup and prepress — Vladimr Demkin, project manager — Ksenia Gnevusheva.