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Cityprint Printing House was established in 1992 and operates in the market of high-quality sheet and multi-page printing production. By 2015, the company has dramatically retrofitted its production facilities thus rising to the position of the technology leader of the Russian printing market. At the same time, this market has been recently passing through significant transformation caused by onset of digital methods of information distribution. This made it necessary to reposition Cityprint brand in order to present it as the printing solution expert meeting the digital era challenges head on.


The idea that a modern person is overloaded with information but lacks impressions is underlying the developed brand platform. In this context, the way printing product differs from a digital one is attached new value, while the role of printing arts is shifted from delivery of information to that of impressions. Cityprint brand vision is to be an intelligent technology leader of this transition, while its new essence is expressed in the corporate slogan, Impressive Press.

In this case, the system of brand visual constants could be more exactly redefined as the system of “constants and variables”. Some of its elements really feature principally variable content that expresses diversity of impressions delivered by printing arts. Apparent contradistinction of advanced printing products to digital communications does not exclude, but rather requires use of the latter to promote the former. That is why, when developing the brand identity system, we paid special attention to digital media. They use animated logo version that manifests the diversity concept with maximized efficiency. The company’s website has been transformed to acquire all-new look and feel and to become in line with the user-interaction best practice.

To develop marketing communications in the new industry paradigm, we have created a new product concept named Hi-Im-Pressтм — from High Impressive Press. The essence of the approach is in creating a product line, in which every solution is a combination of materials, printed and post-printed technologies focused to deliver certain feelings and emotions. In the context of this approach, we have made a new presentation brochure, which, unlike a product catalogue typical of the industry, is now a kind of “album of impressions”.


With consistent, comprehensive and versatile project development, the market met Cityprint rebranding with great interest. This is true for all company audiences, including clients, professional community, and, which is equally important, employees of the company itself. At the time the rebranding communication campaign is launched, one may confidently state that the Russian printing industry has been enriched with a brand of a drastically new level that makes the entire industry reframe forms and methods of marketing communications.

The team: executive art director and project manager — Dmitry Chernogaev, executive creative director — Denis Shlesberg, animation — Dmitry Chernogaev jr., make-up and pre-press — Vladimr Demkin, project managers — Diana Shakirova, Xenia Gnevusheva