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Ivestors Contest branding

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Ivestors Contest branding


Starting from 2006, Moscow Stock Exchange has been arranging “The Best Private Investor” contest which has proven to be an important annual event in the professional trading community. Contest mechanics is based on calculated results of real transactions effected by the participants on Stock Exchange trading platforms for a certain period. In spring 2015 the “Best Private Investor” got a “younger brother” – “I am an Investor” contest. It is focused on new traders and provides them with a possibility to try their hands in trading business virtually, without venturing any money. Further development and popularization of these measures required full-fledged brands able to attract and expand private investor audience. Identification system under development had, on the one hand, to unite them in a single event program, and on the other hand – to uncover the essence of each brand in accordance with the specific features of its audience.


Brand identity concept is based on expression and morale which are immanent with both experienced and new traders. It is embodied, first of all, in the new system of contest names resting upon the ideas of fight and hardship. Visual system refers to the best known stock exchange terms – bulls and bears. Their images were used to create basic visual constants which are common in terms of content, but different in terms of graphics. This helped to emphasize the associated “warlike” and “gamelike” aspects of each contest. The differences are shown by color scheme – “mature” for professionals and “fresh” for newcomers, as well as by visual structure – monolithic and pixalized respectively.


The outcome is an integral, recognizable and emotionally rich basis for communication. In view of specific features of contests being promoted, the achieved flexibility of identification system is also of special meaning. Key images are present in all electronic and printed materials, regardless of design and story lines. The style and theme may change in different periods, but communication remains integral due to continuity of “main characters”.

Team: executive creative director – Denis Shlesberg, project head and art director – Irina Tsvetkova, designer – Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Elizaveta Goncharova.