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Vorobjev Dom branding and advertising

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Vorobjev Dom branding and advertising


MR Group, being one of the leaders in the development of residential and non-residential property, decided to bring a new residential premium-class object on Vorobjevskoye highway to Moscow market in 2015. It needed a brand platform, brand identification system and a set of marketing and advertising materials to support sales start.




A key idea of Vorobjev Dom positioning was “natural, internal luxury” which is more valuable than the bold outward splendor. Delicate simplicity speaks in the brand name which stands out against the competitors and clearly points to location as one of the brand’s core advantages. Main adornment of the residential complex in megalopolis is the surrounding environment. Due to this, the corporate colors include noble, natural shades of the intense brown and quiet gold. Flowing lines of the sophisticated, customized logotype fonts develop the theme of nature, closely echoing with curved branches and a sparrow on one of them. The presentation brochure made in form of a special ladder-shaped cutting and tinged with calm corporate colors clearly demonstrates a set of impressing benefits of the residential complex in the same decent and reserved manner. Harmonious combination of the residential building with natural surroundings and beauty as an attribute of the original status have been consistently embodied in the solutions for direct advertising.


The outcome is a well-developed style which consistently and successfully transmits key brand values on each of its stages. Deliberate laconism of the solutions which uncover the idea of “modesty as a way to impress” has shown that the natural, “cozy” premiality looks new and attractively against the background of typical urge to put everything on a great display. Such an approach gave charm and uniqueness to the object whose entry into market fell on unfavorable economic period.

Team: project head – Denis Schlesberg, executive art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, art director – Irina Tsvetkova, copywriters – Anna Filatova and Elena Ionova, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project managers – Alena Kutsevolova and Elizaveta Goncharova.