Russian Export Center

Brand Development

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Brand Development


Russian Export Center is a state institution of export support that was created under the auspices of the Government of the Russian Federation in April 2015. The Center renders “single point of contact” financial and non-financial support to Russian non-oil&gas exporters — here businesses can get a full range of services, from primary consulting up to assistance in executing export transactions. While creating the Center’s brand identity, it was necessary to develop the brand showing features that reveal its role in strengthening the national economy, focus on modern business processes and being open to cooperation with partners of any scale.


The brand platform is based on the idea of “reliable conductor leading Russian manufacturers to success in international markets”. The visual concept manifesting this idea unfolds around the symbol that refers to the image of compass open to all cardinal directions. Asymmetric design delivers the feeling of 3D and perspective, while the chosen color palette associates with the Russian flag colors thus marking the state status — an important aspect of perception by target audiences. Red and blue arrows, out of which the logo is assembled, are the “building bricks” for the entire brand identity system. They appear in different media as details, textures and even spatial solutions thus shaping integral and recognizable style of the visual brand language.


The first project results — implementing basic visual constants and design of business documents — were achieved in quite a short time as dictated by fast pace of Russian Export Center reaching the target performance. Full identity system development includes design standards of corporate interiors, printed and digital media, as well as implementing Center’s corporate identity elements in identity of its existing and future affiliated brands.

The team: executive art director and project manager — Dmitry Chernogaev, executive creative director — Denis Shlesberg, designer — Vladimir Alekseev, pre-press — Vladimir Demkin, project manager — Ksenia Gnevusheva.