Development of B2C brand communications

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Development of B2C brand communications


Domodedovo is the largest airport in Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger turnover. For the purposes of dynamic airport development, it is essential to maintain and improve the loyalty of final consumers (passengers), because it produces indirect influence upon the decisions concerning cooperation with Domodedovo clients – Russian and foreign airline companies. In view of this, in 2015 it was decided to launch a communication campaign to inform passengers about services which make they stay in DME more comfortable, and at the same time to compensate the emotional discomfort experienced by many people during air-travel. The target was to develop a creative strategy which would solve these tasks and switch Domodedovo brand awareness by final consumers onto the maximum positive track.


The key concept idea underlies the slogan “Flying Is Easy”; it is revealed by two categories of advertisement messages – information and emotional. Information category is intended to promote awareness about the airport’s layout and services; it is based on pictograms and formula “There is a problem – there is an easy solution”. Well-recognized conversational style of headlines makes communication close and easy for the target audience, while the clearness of images facilitates quick perception. Emotional category develops through the series of atmosphere themes with the images of people. It helps to view airport as a fascinating element of a trip, its inspiring start or welcoming end. The easiness theme becomes here more abstract, but it is consistently preserved by the headlines.


The concept has been implemented on different media: advertising boards and video panels inside the airport, outdoor and Internet advertising, printed advertising in the airport’s own and partner sources. An integral and clear information environment of the airport has drawn customers’ attention to additional services and facilitated creation of more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for passengers. The image component of communications added emotional warmness to the brand, which improved consumers’ loyalty and trust towards the brand.

Team: project head and creative director – Denis Shlesberg, art director – Irina Tsvetkova, designer – Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Elena Potorochina, animation – Dmitry Chernogaev Jr.