Spring Campaign of Scarlet Sails Residential Development 2015

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Spring Campaign of Scarlet Sails Residential Development 2015


Scarlet Sails Residential Development is one of the most famous Moscow residential developments that has become trendsetter in the premium class real estate. In 2015, Donstroy decided to complete its large-scale project with erecting the fifth, final building of the iconic development. The spring / summer campaign is aimed to support successful advertising communications and offer a new “fresh” approach to positioning the residential development. Besides, it was necessary to overcome overall consternation of the real estate market caused by significant economic recession in 2014 – 2015.


Scarlet Sails residential development features a wide range of impressive characteristics, but its most evident and unique one is its location near the water. The communication was based on this aspect. The first campaign wave was of image-building character. An unusual definition, “water-scraper”, both refers to skyscraper building scale and presents the idea of its proximity to the river in a paradox unexpected light. This idea is also supported visually: instead of usual image of the building, you can see only its inverted reflection in the water. The yacht is the final touch – the zest that softly reminds of high status of Scarlet Sails apartment dwellers. The second wave is developed in a practical key calling for reasonable approach to cash: without being unpleasantly pushy, it offers one of the most adequate investments – in prestigious real estate.


The developed communication attracted attention of the target audience due to verbally and visually non-standard approach real estate advertisement. While the combination of being emotional and practical turned the campaign into balanced and versatile solution. Implicit, but still clearly readable accent on the developer's reliable reputation became another important feature. Residential development advertisement has become an organic part of the image-building promotion of DONSTROY Company.

The team: project head manager — Denis Shlesberg, art director — Irina Tsvetkova, designer — Irina Sakharova, copywriter – Elena Ionova, make-up and pre-press – Vladimir Demkin, project manager — Elena Potorochina.