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Group Website Design


Ostec Group includes multiple companies running different aspects of high-tech production engineering business. The structure of communications with various audiences both at the corporate brand level and at the level of Group companies is rather diversified and specific. It implies sharing information with existing and potential customers from a range industries, at different decision-making levels and pursuant to multiple types of requests, varying from certain products and materials up to designing and consulting. It was necessary to develop such approaches to design of Ostec companies’ websites that would ensure integrity of perception of Ostec brand, on the one hand, and would enable solving specific tasks each department faces, on the other hand, in all communications aspects.


The developed informational structure of web space has been presented in the form of the “pyramid”, whose top reveals information of approaches and competences of Ostec Group, while its middle part shows technology solutions, and the bottom presents certain products, equipment and materials. Functions of the “top” are exercised by the Group headquarters’ website, whose interface allows to drill down to one of the Group’s websites depending on users’ specific interests. This approach is manifested through design that creates an easy-to-perceive “airy” environment that makes it easy to navigate across different content units. The entire visual structure is in line with the vertical dimension set by the main menu. This helps flexibly zoom pages to fit any size of browser windows and to be easily used on any device, including smartphone.


The first visible result of the project became new design of Ostec Group main website launched in January 2015. It has consistently combined solution of strategic and functional tasks. The interface allows, on the one hand, to comprehensively and meaningfully broadcast image-related communications, and on the other hand, to enable all types of users to find the information they need in a prompt and user-friendly manner and to contact consultants, experts and specialists of any of Ostec Group companies. New design standards, as soon as they are developed, will be applied in redesign of other websites that make up Ostec’s virtual space.

The team: project head manager and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, creative director – Denis Shlesberg, art director — Daniil Bondarenko, designer — Roman Vlasov, technical designer — Vladimir Demkin, representative director – Vitaliy Filin, project managers — Xenia Gnevusheva, Elizaveta Petrova.