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Calendar 2015



Focus on the future is the core theme of Ostec communications. It was necessary to show it in the concept of corporate Christmas presents, bearing in mind the genre rules which require a certain portion of fabulousness and belief in miracles – without them the New Year would not be a true holiday.




The concept views movement towards the future as the process of discovering new meanings. As civilization develops, ideas about distances, time, speed, space and interaction will change along with the traditional meaning of words. The cover page of the flip wall calendar showing the ticket for Earth – Saturn flight says: “Two centuries ago the way from Petersburg to Moscow was a journey. Now it is a mere trip, while journey means flying to the other continent. Tomorrow journey will mean vising some other planet. Many traditional words will change their meaning due to technology development. We are working on this”. From the narrative point of view, the concept develops like an illustrated definition dictionary. It is a series of customary life situations of a modern person, but each of them has a detail which transfers the story from today to tomorrow. The images are supported with texts styled like dictionary entries; traditional words are given unusual interpretations which might become quite ordinary in the future.





The project includes flip, quarter, desk and pocket calendars, daily planner, labels, packages for souvenir vodka, champagne and some other presents. Given their variety, each of them got an effective embodiment in line with the general concept. The paradoxical combination of daily things with the breakthrough technological solutions suggests the idea that creation of the future requires certain level and type of thinking in the first place. This is the primary distinctive feature of Ostec team.



Team: project head and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, designer – Daniil Bondarenko, texts – Denis Schlesberg, layout and prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Elena Potorochina.