2014 Creative Strategy

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2014 Creative Strategy


Ostec, a Russian engineering company, a leader in complex solutions for developing facilities that make state-of-the-art equipment, was in need of an updated creative strategy. The need was caused by the complication of objectives of promotion in various industrial markets. The new strategy was to rely on the brand goodwill accumulated in the course of previous years’ campaign and have necessary flexibility to comprehensively reflect constantly growing professional competencies.


The new strategy develops the key idea expressed in the corporate slogan “The future is being created” on the basis of a dramatic comparison between the ideal and the material, where the former is high-tech products of the future and the latter is technologies that are necessary to make the products and that must be implemented in the present. The visual imagery is a series of industrial illustrations; the key part of each of those is hidden from the viewer by a plate with a blur effect. This results in intriguing images that, in each case, form the necessary industrial, technological or product context and, in doing this, play visibly upon interaction between the idea and the matter. This approach is also implemented in a system of advertisement headings that are built using a common formula supporting the key opposition of the impossible and the necessary. The formula is fully functional at all levels of communications, namely the brand – industries – technological areas — products.


The new creative strategy has served as a good semantic and stylistic foundation for creating a full range of advertising messages transmitted by all kinds of media, from advertisements in the specialized press and industrial online media to video materials and displays at industrial exhibitions. The Ostec brand has distinctly asserted its leading positions in the Russian market for high-tech engineering, once again offering to its players a fresh perspective of what marketing communications in this intellectually intensive business could be.

Team: project leader: Denis Schlessberg; executive art director: Dmitry Chernogaev; art director: Daniil Bondarenko; designers: Alexandr Shevchuk and Roman Vlasov; copywriter: Gennady Fadeev; page makeup and prepress: Vladimir Demkin; project managers: Ksenia Gnevusheva and Еlizaveta Petrova.