Catalogue 2014

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Catalogue 2014


Kraftmann is an international leader in making industrial compressor equipment and air handling systems. Over the years of its presence in the Russian market the company gained a firm foothold. The new catalogue of Kraftmann products was to reflect the innovative spirit of the brand and become a convenient selection tool for potential customers in the production segment.


The creative concept is based on the “German genealogy” of the brand. Its reliable rational innovative nature is materialized in its design based on black-and-white photo illustrations, austere business typography and a laconic combination of colours. Elaborate infographics helps the user to easily navigate the special technical characteristics of high-tech equipment. An utmostly specific and at the same time quite emotional system of headings, together with the transmission of functional advantages, forms a convincing brand image.


The specifics of industrial solutions promotion limit the audience of the Kraftmann brand to a narrow range of specialists, the contact with each of which should be as effective as possible. Therefore, in spite of the seeming commonplaceness of such a habitual communication product, the updated catalogue of Kraftmann products has become a powerful sales tool.

Team: project leader and art director: Daniil Bondarenko; designer: Roman Vlasov; copywriter: Gennady Fadeev; page makeup and prepress: Vladimir Demkin; project managers: Ksenia Gnevusheva and Еlizaveta Petrova.