Claendar 2014

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Claendar 2014


The concept of Ostec corporate calendar was developed to present such a difficult and serious topic as high-technology engineering in a warm and emotional spirit. After all, a calendar is primarily a New Year present, and only after that – a tool for corporate communications.



The concept is based on imagination as a feature which is typical of any child and at the same time integral to any innovation. The illustrations display images of children captivated with some activities – foretypes of different engineering spheres. Each picture is industry-specific, which is shown also in headlines. It is a story of technological achievements which used to be mere imagination in the past, but due to human knowledge and efforts came into reality. Each person remembers their discoveries and inventions in childhood. The breakthroughs are made by grown-ups who never stopped seeking for them from an early age. Such are the people creating future. Such are the people who work in Ostec and for whom Ostec works.



The corporate calendar turned out to be unusual and bright; it gave human features to a technocratic engineering company. The response from audience confirmed that this made the company’s brand more open and attractive.

Team: senior project manager and creative director — Denis Shlesberg, art director — Daniil Bondarenko, copywriter — Gennady Fadeev, designer — Alexander Shevchuk, layout and prepress — Vladimir Demkin, project manager — Kseniya Gnevusheva.