Summer Advertisement of Elk Island Residential Development 2013

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Summer Advertisement of Elk Island Residential Development 2013


In the course of the current campaign of Elk Island Residential Development it was necessary to develop advance advertisement of the summer promotion: during such promotion, every buyer of an apartment would get considerable discount for purchase of the parking space — up to 500,000 rubles. The important thing to do was not only to deliver the message of this offer to the audience, but to shape it provocatively creating excitement for the property to be sold.


In modern Russian everyday speech, the amount of 500,000 (half million) rubles has the colourful name of “half lemon" (while million rubles is called lemon). So, “Half lemon as a gift!” slogan is underlying the conceptual idea. Words “lemon”, “lemonade” are associated with something rich, refreshing, invigorating and positive in the summer way,— and in combination with the meaning of “big money” involve consumers in nimble-minded intelligent game. The picture of a half of lemon that looks like the stop watch held in hand (“The clock is ticking!”) is an unusual, colorful, bright solution that attracts attention. The promotion is continued with an option, where it is offered to “squash half lemon” by accepting the unique “Lemonade Offer” by DONSTROY. Both messages are united by a single slogan and work as visual stops. The wordplay makes you smile, while the visual series set the summer mood enhancing good perception and retention of the message.


“Half lemon as a gift!” promotion became an efficient solution of the set task. The offered concept contributed to improving demand for apartments and increase of number of requests during the summer promotion.

The team: project head manager and art director – Irina Tsvetkova, copywriter – Elena Dalmatova, project manager – Ksenia Gnevusheva.