Alye Parusa Housing Estate Autumn Promotion, 2013

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Alye Parusa Housing Estate Autumn Promotion, 2013


Alye Parusa Housing Estate Autumn Promotion, 2013
While developing another promotion communication for Alye Parusa (Scarlet Sails) Housing Estate it was necessary to renew an image-building component as well as provide opportunities to announce special offers as part of newly proposed concept.


In the “Anchor” concept the theme of legends, dreams and their fulfilment that are typical for Alye Parusa communication has been renewed. A new special element - a key-anchor - is introduced and supported by the slogan. In general composition there are a man and a woman, both admiring a view as if inviting to fulfil a dream: “drop an anchor in the happiness bay” (image task) or “moor” to your dream by taking an opportunity to buy an apartment on special terms (the concept is adapted to the terms of a certain offer). A dream and wonder have also become a leitmotif of the winter announcement on New Year terms of buying an apartment.


Combining wonder and reality has turned out to be an efficient method and struck a chord with the target audience. Nice New Year associations broadcasted in promo-communication, allowed to create special positive attitude and get necessary output from the campaign.

Project team: head and art-director — Irina Tsvetkova, copywriter — Elena Dalmatova, project manager — Ksenia Gnevusheva.