Advertising campaign 2013

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Advertising campaign 2013


The international Swiss corporation Holcim has been producing premium-class bagged cement for more than 15 years, but in Russia the product has been present for two years only and remains unknown to the wide range of customers. The target of the advertising campaign 2013 was to create a bright image which would establish clear association Holcim=cement and communicate advantages of premium Swiss product to the target audience in clear and simple form.

Poster Holcim


Central image is a golden trowel which is a metaphor of the exceptional quality of the product. Bright and laconic, this image comprises all significant elements of brand positioning. It clearly shows the industry sector, purpose of the product and key advantages of Holcim cement.

The slogan “Triple nine cement” in a pun upon well-known and popular term. On the one side, “triple nine” is used to mark the highest quality; on the other side, association with precious metals shows premium nature of the product. 


Large-scale advertising campaign was launched in July. It covered several big cities in Russia and Kazakhstan and opened the way for creating the image of Holcim bagged cement as a unique premium-class product which guarantees fabulous result of any construction works.

Team: creative director\copywriter — Anna Filatova, art director – Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya, designer — Vladimir Alekseev, prepress – Vladimir Demkin, project managers — Anna Mikhailova, Vitaly Filin