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Vector Corporate Magazine


Ostek, a leading Russian engineering company that previously published a series of technical newsletters in a variety of industrial fields has now decided to consolidate them in a full-fledged professional hi-tech magazine. It was necessary to develop the concept of the modern interesting research- and practice-oriented edition that would reflect Ostek’s innovation focus and enhance company’s image. Ostek is a diversified business corporation. It was necessary to create content-rich and stylistically strong edition consolidating field-specific areas through a common intonation.


Name, concept and design project of a new magazine were developed after examining prior portfolio of editions. “Hi-Tech Vector” is the name that expresses company’s drive and capability to always be at the leading edge of technical progress. Energy and sense of purpose articulated through the name were also reflected in the magazine’s logo designed in a dynamic and to some extent futuristic spirit. Logo graphics served the foundation of the system of graphic elements used for materials’ design. We have developed all-purpose clearer heading classifications; principles of typography and modular layout; illustration system taking into account specific character of images; inforgraphics system. We have fully prepared the pilot issue, with all conceptual solutions “debugged” while working with real-world materials.



As a result, quantity has transformed into quality. Prior magazines that bore cumbersome and complicated names, such as “Surface-Mounted Assembly”, “Con-Junction”, “Integration Degree”, “Printed Circuit Boards and Coatings” have found a common “Hi-Tech Vector”. The main point that we have reached is to find a new present-day style; to create a structural and visual system allowing to ensure regular edition of the magazine that is really interesting for readers — employees, partners and customers of Ostek Group.


Outcome. Project executive and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev, creative director – Denis Shlesberg, copywriter – Gennadiy Fadeev, designer – Roman Vlasov, make-up and pre-press – Vladimir Demkin, manager – Ksenia Gnevusheva.