Novikombank. Campaign 2013

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Novikombank. Campaign 2013


Approaching its 20th anniversary, Novikombank paid special attention to the conceptual development of the promotional campaign prior the jubilee. The promotional message had to create an image reflecting the dynamics of the modern hi-tech bank – the fundamental bank of the Russian industry. Communication continuity was an essential requirement of the new promotional campaign.


Powerful incremental progress became the leitmotiv of the promotional campaign 2013. Blades of a tremendous engine picking up the speed are the key image which develops and complements the visual solutions of the previous communications. The jubilee slogan states the scale of the solution, and the subline emphasizes the bank positioning which is based on support of a real sector of the Russian economy and the industry of the country.


Visual restraint and depth of the image, scale combined with business colouring and an explicit communication idea are the main features of Novikombank promotional campaign prior the jubilee. The main media include specialized business press and outdoor advertising.
Project team: Dmitry Chernogaev – Art Director, Irina Tsvetkova – Art Director, Elena Dalmatova – Copywriter, Ekaterina Komissarova – Project Manager.




The project was developed including the identity of the anniversary of the Bank for the use of a variety of media.