HR-advertising campaign

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HR-advertising campaign


Ostec Group has set the task to develop the campaign featuring significant advantages of working in Ostec and attracting the most talented industry specialists. The campaign was to cover three target audiences: potential, new and existing customers.



While working at the project we identified some main advantages of Ostec as an employer. These were opportunities of serious career development, implementing employees’ own plans, satisfying the most challenging professional ambitions. To deliver the message, we decided to “attract” such men of genius as Sergey Korolyov, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Sophia Kovalevskaya. Their achievements inspire engineers and those who got into engineering all over the world. They are admired and serve examples of brilliant career. That is why we decided to make them heroes of our campaign, the personalities that Ostec suggests seeing as an example to follow. Visual solution also includes graphic elements. All layouts are made in one style. Headings are written using metaphors and idioms. Depending on the area our heroes work in, they tell us of requirements to the applicants.


Ostec has been transformed from a difficult-to-perceive company in a bright and dynamic brand, with a hint of humor, and challenging ambitions thus attracting new talented specialists. Motivation and professional level of full-day employees were enhanced. All this greatly contributed to the company developing best engineering solutions in Russia.

The team: project head manager and art director – Dmitry Chernogaev; creative director – Denis Shlesberg; copywriter – Gennadiy Fadeev, designer – Alexander Shevchuk, illustrator – Yana Lesina; manager – Ksenia Gnevusheva.