VIP Customer Booklet

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VIP Customer Booklet


As Novikombank developed new offers for private banking depositors, it needed to update its advertising booklet. The booklet was to emphasize premium status of banking products, to provide financial and legal information on deposits in an easy-to-comprehend form and be stylistically close to values of VIP audience.


A pleasant voyage to the set destination on a comfortable yacht on flat calm sea — this is the association underlying visual concept of the booklet and close to the target group. By making a deposit in Novikombank on special conditions, VIP customer receives a stable income and maximum allowable protection of his / her funds from financial storms. Following the selected financial route offered by the bank a depositor extends his / her horizons of financial opportunities and reaches the set financial goals with confidence.

Pure ease of the visual imagery is balanced with a rational header, “Reliability of Informed Decisions”, as opting for opening VIP deposit is the same as to detail one’s path to the set goal. To evolve the informed decision theme stated in the header, each deposit is called “Decision” (Decision 1, Decision 2 etc.)


“Reliability of Informed Decisions” booklet successfully solves the tasks of providing information of special conditions on deposits of private banking customers, and at the same time introduces important image-related component in communications with the customers.

The team: project head manager – Dmitry Chernogaev, designer – Marina Pavlova, copywriter – Elena Dalmatova, pre-press – Vladimir Demkin, project manager – Ekaterina Komissarova.