Spring Advertisement of Elk Island Residential Development 2013

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Spring Advertisement of Elk Island Residential Development 2013


Before the spring sales season of 2013, Donstroy, leading Moscow developer, set the task of creating the concept of advertising campaign to promote a new residential development, Elk Island. The communications were to deliver its main advantages: ideal location in the most environmentally-friendly district of the capital, proximity to the national park, excellent state of environment.



“Not a house, but a gift!” — this is how we decided to present Elk Island Residential Development to the target audience. What will be presented to a person that has bought apartment in this residential development? Answer to this question helped us creating a bright image-rich solution. It took the form of the cube strapped with gift ribbon, inside this cube we can see the green of meadows lit by sunshine; blue sky above the forest in the frosty morning; spring blossom on the branch of the tree. Slogans “The gift of fresh air”, “The gift of nature” and “The gift of harmony” emphasized the idea that buying a comfortable apartment in Elk Island Residential Development, you will also acquire something priceless.




The campaign started as the spring came. Outdoor advertising images resonated with bright colors of awakening nature, while the gift promise, as always, attracted greater attention of potential buyers. Elk Island Residential Development became closely associated with excellent state of environment, proximity to nature and fresh air that is so wanted in huge megacity.

The team:  project head manager and art director — Irina Cvetkova, copywriter — Gennadiy Fadeev, designers — Aleksander Shevchuk, Marina Pavlova, project manager — Ksenia Gnevusheva.