Advertising campaign 2008

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Advertising campaign 2008

For the Group of companies "Magnezit", one of the leaders in the production of refractory applications, it was necessary to develop promotional materials coincided with the 250th anniversary of the city of Satka, where the first and the biggest production site of the Group is located. The visual solution consists of two significant parts that together form a symbol of generations contact. The photograph illustrates the image of a modern employee of the Group of companies. The similar image made in the style of graphic illustrations of the 30s, represents rich history and long experience of "Magnezit" company. The headline "We are proud of our breed" has a double meaning. On the one hand, "breed" is the basis for the production activity of the Group of companies, and on the other hand - its "family tree", origins, the place on the map, due to which production of "Magnezit" exists and is developed.