Advertising Campaign 2011

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в этом проекте:
  • интернет-реклама
  • наружная реклама
  • радио и tv-реклама
  • реклама в прессе
  • слоган

Advertising Campaign 2011

Based on an analysis of previous experience of advertising of apartments in new buildings of business and premium class, and numerous related creative pitfalls a very distinct image was developed. The key in the lock of the apartment door with an unexpected key fob, which in metaphorical form informs the viewer of the merits of a certain building, was admitted in the focus groups as the perfect embodiment of emotions when buying a new apartment in a luxury house. The slogan "The decision is… in the key" modifiable depending on the advertised benefits of each object, expands the meaning and significance of the image according to the latest marketing challenges. In the course of the project series of billboards, radio advertising, press advertising, internet banners were created.