Annual Report 2010

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Annual Report 2010

The key idea behind the concept of the report is the ability to see behind the numbers real people, who are caring, thinking, acting. The people are depicted in the large-scale scenes, illustrating the work of the bank in a particular project. In each story there are two persons, one of which represents a particular industry, and the other - the team of Vnesheconombank. Each illustration is accompanied with the characters’ quotations, forming together a kind of dialogue that reveals the nature of problems to be solved from two points of view - financial and industrial, as well as with the relevant "dialectical" image title. To realize this plan a major photo expedition was realized, in which our film crew traveled to many different, sometimes very remote, parts of Russia. This allowed them to see and capture the advanced industrial and infrastructure projects, the existence of which would not be possible without the participation of Vnesheconombank.