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Sibérie inconnue

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в этом проекте:
  • корпоративный стиль
  • логотип
  • оформление мероприятия

Sibérie inconnue

The aim of the festival is to introduce to France a multi-faceted mental map of Russia, promote the creation of a new image of the country, and destroy the stereotypes of the two cultures view to each other. The emblem of the festival became the shape formed by a combination of letters <S> (Siberia) and the question mark <?> as a symbol of the unknown and mysterious. Implemented solutions have not only created a vivid and memorable style, but also made it a “tech”, allowed in a short time and with minimal costs to develop a variety of products necessary to the organizers and participants: posters and banners, brochures, postcards, badges, and web banners.




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