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Kosovo and Metohija Exhibition

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  • интерьер / экстерьер
  • оформление мероприятия

Kosovo and Metohija Exhibition

In March 2008, in the Central House of Artists on Crimean Quay the photo exhibition "I Heard the Bells: Kosovo and Metohija” of Valery Bliznyuk started up. Outstanding memorials of Byzantine Art of XIII-XIV centuries, the World Heritage under the aegis of UNESCO have survived in Kosovo to the present day, but not all. Some of them were recently destroyed. 70 photographs the photo artist made in 2007 in Kosovo and Metohija were presented at the exhibition. Special attention was paid to four monasteries: Patriarchate of Peć (1233), Banjska (1316), Gračanica (1320), Visoki Dečani (1335).