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Conception of Museum of Eurasian civilizations

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Conception of Museum of Eurasian civilizations

Museum of Eurasian civilizations is a cultural project designed to promote the positioning of the Republic of Kazakhstan as one of the historical centers of Eurasian civilization arising and as the crossroad of Eastern and Western cultures. Artonica had the task to develop the concept of the museum and its design for its presentation to the leadership of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Project content included the concept of the exposition, architectural solution and creation of presentation materials based on the results of the project. The basis of the museum plan is eight-pointed star symbolizing in the Eastern tradition all cardinal directions, and the dome symbolizing their union. The main part of the exhibition devoted to the art of Western Europe and Eastern countries consists of two rings, one being put in another. Due to that visitor can explore parts of the exposition both sequentially and simultaneously switching from one to another ring.