Calendar 2013

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Calendar 2013


The Future is Being Made Now. This is the general slogan of Ostec. The activity of the company is focused on unique projects in high-tech sector which outpace the time, as well as on development of knowledge intensive solutions for a vast variety of industries. The idea of making the future is the unifying concept of all communications products of the company. And the concept of Ostec calendar for the next year had to reflect this very idea.


The most audacious, the most fantastic ideas eventually become real and turn into natural elements of our life. Quotations from books of world-famous fantasts of the last century who predicted the modern reality underlie the concept of the calendar for the next year – Dictum-Factum.
The continuity is shown by brief, neat, and bright graphic solution characterized by an important feature: the printed text is the main ‘hero’ of the column. In addition, the very style meets at least several requirements: be outside the time, emphasize the idea of advanced technologies, and reflect the special emotional zest typical for illustrations to science fiction novels.


The concept is implemented in three traditional calendar forms: a wall calendar, a desk calendar, and a pocket calendar. This permitted both to ensure decorative features imposed by calendar genre and to provide the official materials with a smart element typical for Ostec brand. 

Team: Dmitry Chernogaev – Project Director and Art Director; Marina Pavlova, Aleksandr Shevchuk – designers; Elena Dalmatova – copyrighter; Kseniya Gnevusheva – Project Manager.