2011 Ad Campaign

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2011 Ad Campaign


The communication objective of Vnesheconombank image campaign for 2011 was to promote the role of the Bank as a development institution for the strategic tasks of national importance. Creative concept should deliver main message in clear and convincing manner.


The concept is based on the spectacular pictures of large-scale projects, which implementation would have been impossible without the financial and expert support of Vnesheconombank. In a series of advertising images we are unfolding panorama of major investments, including power plants, refineries, transportation hubs, sports facilities. The headlines are the names of key spheres of bank's activities.



During the project Artonica created an extensive range of promotional materials for various media, including press, billboards and Internet. The campaign was a significant step in promoting Vnesheconombank as a key contributor in the implementation of government economic policy.


Team: Project Leader and Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Photographer — Dima Galanternik, Designer — Catherine Dubeikovskaya, Layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin, Project Manager — Xenia Gnevusheva.