Calendar 2012

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Calendar 2012


As the "finale" of 2011 Vnesheconombank campaign it was necessary to create a corporate calendar, linked with the campaign by common style and content.



Calendar design is based on the visual materials collected during photo expedition to objects built with the investment support of Vnesheconombank. We selected the most interesting shots, all of which, along with playing the artistic role demonstrate the most important investment projects. Compact information box that accompanies each photo specifies the main characteristics of the project.




Vnesheconombank calendar became highly regarded corporate gift that combines necessary for this genre decorative component with main message endorsing the image of the bank as a development institution.

Team: Project Leader and Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Layout and pre-press — Vladimir Dyomkin, Project Manager — Marina Smirnova, photo — Dmitry Galanternik, Dmitry Chernogaev.