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Website design


In the end of 2010 Vnesheconombank started corporate website upgrading. The objective was to improve the flexibility and transparency of information access, as well as to update the style and tone in accordance with Vnesheconombank leading role in the national economy. The first phase was the development of the information structure and design concept.



Unique status of Vnesheconombank is determined by its "functional trinity" – 1)a development organization, 2) government agent and 3) one of the keystones of Russian financial system. This three-layered configuration was the basis for the new site structure and design. Site has a concise but expressive style. There is a module start page, with the rotation of key images, and advanced infographics and banner system connecting each information section.



New site was launched in spring 2011 and immediately triggered positive response of Vnesheconombank stakeholders: specialists of the financial and investment markets, experts, the media, government agencies and international financial institutions. In the course of the project Artonica carried out a number of special structural and design solutions needed to implement advanced information features such as the release of official data on indicative quotes, Russian corporate Eurobonds, etc. with 30 seconds synchronization.

Team: Project Leader, Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Creative Director — Denis Shlesberg designer — Daniel Bondarenko, Project Manager — Marina Smirnova, programming — RBC SOFT.