Brand restyling & Packaging

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Brand restyling & Packaging


Normex brand was developed and launched on the Russian market by German manufacturer Brulex in 2007, as a brand of affordable materials for refinishing cars. Its positioning is based on the idea of affordable quality. Main product line is ready-to use color enamels, the most popular among Russian consumers. By 2012, a strong position achieved by Normex brand, became the basis for expansion into neighboring areas, namely the mid-price segment of the professional car body repair and industrial paint. The brand needed a facelift, including a redesign of the logo, packaging restyling and new identity for the industrial sub-brand.




Bright, active aesthetics, designed to promote the brand on retail shelves and display cases was replaced by more restrained, almost laboratory style. The logo became sterner and more “industrialized.” German origin, traditionally perceived as a promise of quality and reliability, is reflected in the color scheme using the German flag colors. The industrial product line name is Normex Industrial. It’s a literal description, free from inappropriate for this segment fanciness. Product groups differentiation has been streamlined and is now focused less on sales, more on ease of use. Now they can be easily and unambiguously referred to in the work situation as “a can with a green stripe.” Visual differentiation of the service and industrial product groups is achieved through the use of white and silver background labels, respectively.





The developed system was an accurate reflection of the new brand positioning and created the basis for a launch of the updated range and its effective promotion in new segments.

Team: Project Leader — Denis Shlesberg, Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Project Manager — Catherine Komissarova.