Brand restyling & Packaging

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Brand restyling & Packaging


is a German brand of professional car-paint, positioned in the mid-price segment and sold in the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS. By the summer of 2008 brand has already reached strong positions in most of them. But with the growth of markets the number of international and local competitors has increased. In these circumstances the brand needed a facelift in order to maintain the achieved level and also to continue its expansion.


The first stage was logo restyling. The new style is based on the lower case letters; new font is more energetic and flexible. Part of the project was naming and logo creation for the Brulex Aquatec, a sub-brand of water-based materials. In the next stage we developed a new package design, which now comprises “wave” element – on top of aesthetic role its serves as a color indicator of the product groups. Recent product range expansion accentuated the importance of easy product identification for painters who have to deal with many materials simultaneously.


Open Guide technology was used for the very first time in this project. The technology was developed by Artonica specifically for large scale brand identity systems encompassing a wide variety of communication channels. Open Guide helps to update the guidelines and electronic originals in real time, and also provides a distributed remote access for all parties (developer, client and contractors). Open Guide technology significantly optimized project workflow for package redesign of more than 100 product SKUs.




The case has become an example of successful project handled by Russian agency for brand with western origin and manufacture. Client highly appreciated Open Guide technology, which proven its efficiency at the stages of development and production.


Team: Project Leader — Denis Shlesberg, Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev Designer — Daniel Bondarenko, Layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin, Manager — Eugenia Lavrenyuk.