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Creative Strategy


Ostec is a Russian engineering company, a leader in integrated solutions, offering its services to high-tech enterprises in various industries. Ostec unique approach allows effective integration of large-scale intellectual, organizational and technical resources to implement the projects, which literally define the future of Russian high-tech industry. In order to successfully communicate with the audience in such a complex context Ostec needed new creative strategy. The objective was to develop effective positioning for both the corporate brand and sub- categories, and even specific technologies and products.


Creative strategy is based on the idea of the professional foresight, built on sound expertise and research. The campaign slogan is "The future is being created." It reflects a creative philosophy of the brand: the future does not happen by itself, it is created by people. And only those who do it know what it will be. The idea is further developed in integrated system of headers for all levels of communication. Each of them begins with the words about the future, which, at first glance, is problematic, and ends by explaining what is being done in the present, so that this problem is fixed. At the level of the brand image the approach is broad and depicts the industrial progress as a whole. For example, bizarre print ad with dinosaurs, leaving the traditional business interior. At the level of categories and product, the absurdity is decreasing, while the titles are becoming more specific, keeping the structure of "problem — solution".


Developed creative strategy provided the stylistic and tonal integrity of advanced communications system at least in the medium term, while leaving enough freedom to fine-tune each particular message. Unorthodox visuals provide maximum differentiation from competitors while demonstrating distinct B2B orientation. The strategy confirmed its viability in a wide range of media.

Team: Project Leader and Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Creative Director — Denis Shlesberg, Art Director — Dmitry Zilpert Daniel Bondarenko, lead designer — Maria Kiryanovа, copywriters — Lidia Sheinina, Anna Durgaryan, layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin; manager Project — Xenia Gnevusheva.