Rebranding and Identity

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Rebranding and Identity


For more than a century Group "Magnesite" is the undisputed market leader for magnesia refractories, owning major production facilities in Russia, Germany, Slovakia and China. The Group works with more than 1,200 partners, including the largest metal and industrial corporations. In 2010 the Group initiated rebranding as part of its intangible assets consolidation and modernization process. Existed corporate identity did not fit its global communication objectives.


New corporate style is a visual expression of the updated brand character. All style elements have been shaped into unified system, coherent and efficient. The main attributes are scale, dynamics and relevance, expressed in the active color scheme and open composition. Continuity of style was an important prerequisite. Also it was necessary to find the visual elements which can be applied without distortion in various formats and everywhere — from Moscow to provincial Satka town.



As a result of the semi-annual project Artonica created a new identity system that fully meets all requirements: continuity, visibility, scalability, and, importantly, hi-tech execution. We are grateful to the staff of Corporate Development and Strategic Communications department for understanding, professionalism and active cooperation, which assured quality implementation of this project.


Team: Project Leader and Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev involving Irina Tsvetkova, Creative Director — Denis Shlesberg; managers — Xenia Gnevusheva and Zhanna Shoybekova, layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin.