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Planet Jet Guide


Business aviation in Russia is developing dynamically. In 2006 Moscow caught up with London on the quantity of prestigious business jets flights. More than 10% of business jets world production is funded by Russian customers. Corporate and personal charter aircrafts have become a symbol of success for Russian corporations. “The timeliness of Guide publication in Russia is obvious” — said Sergey Komas’ko, President of the United Business Aviation Association (UBAA). “Legenda-Media”, as a publisher for the catalog, invited Artonica to develop a design concept and layout.


Annual edition of Planet Jet Guide is the first Russian business jets and helicopters directory. It contains information on all current models and aircraft manufacturers, aircraft performance, operational and economic specifications. Especially for this edition, we have developed a system of infographics, which helped to visualize and compare within the same scale all the models, the layout of their cabins, range and many other features. The publication is made in the combined hardcover format 29 x 30 cm and contains about 400 pages.


After the release the directory has become widely acknowledged by the professionals as a valuable tool helping to choose the aircraft for purchase, lease or charter. An indicator of great interest to the publication from the market is doubling of its volume in 2007 comparing to 2006.

Team: Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Vladimir Machinsky, Managers — Elena Aredova, Eugenia Lavrenyuk, Design, layout and prepress — Daniel Bondarenko, Vladimir Dyomkin, Alex Tuboltsev.


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Eurocopter's opinion




Elena Skomorohina,

PR-manager of Eurocopter:

"... I think this is the best. It has an amazing design, and those who attended the international exhibitions saw the true value of it as well. To be honest, I haven’t seen more detailed catalog. I mean, it was a pleasure to work with it and I’m really glad that such a publication has appeared on the Russian market, and that you are the first to introduce it in such a format. I can say that I also liked the small version of the calendar, which made a very positive first impression. We just thought, “Oh, this is what we’ve never had and what we’ve missed".